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First Supplier for Pharma and Biotech Industry

About Aseptconn AG

Aseptconn is a new supplier of components for liquid sterile technology as it is used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Although its name is new all employees already have profound experience in consulting and sales of critical components for this industries. Thanks to a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products Aseptconn is the preferred supplier of many well-known international pharmaceutical companies.

The mixture of in-house products and products of leading solution suppliers for the pharmaceutical industry offer our customers the possibility to buy all components of liquid sterile technology from one single source. We place special attention to a sophisticated and innovative storage and certificate management. Herewith short delivery times and a continuous traceability are assured.

Extensive specific components, long-term experience in the industry, innovative products and a high internationality define our thoughts and activities. In combination with our Swiss quality consciousness this makes us to the new reliable partner for all demands of liquid sterile technology.