ITT EnviZion® Diaphragm valves

Diaphragm valves ITT EnviZion®

The Biopharm industry relies on hygienic diaphragm valves fordemanding process applications due to their unique balance ofclean-ability, drain-ability and pressure/temperature capability.For more than 40 years the technology of these valves haschanged very little. Advances in performance have beennominal as the basic design concept has remained the same:body, diaphragm, topworks, and four fasteners. This designrequires experienced personnel and stringent maintenancepractices to assure consistent, reliable valve performance. Allwhile the industry is forced to increase productivity, extendpreventative maintenance intervals, and reduce operating costs.EnviZion ValveITT’s breakthrough technology, the EnviZion valve, sets anew standard for the future of hygienic diaphragm valves.The EnviZion valve is designed specifically to help customersinstall, operate, and maintain their valves more efficiently.This unique design provides a significant reduction in totalcost of ownership while supporting the industries’ goals toincrease productivity, improve reliability and enhanceclean-ability.

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