S-Type Safety 3-Segments clamp

Tri clamp safety clamp with 3 segments

The ‘gate’ style section combined with the stepped eyebolt ensures that the tri clamp clamps bolting mechanism cannot swing open whilst the clamping union is part or fully assembled. Releasing the clamp is only possible when the safety nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the eyebolt to swing and pass through the sectioned gate; this ensures the clamp cannot be knocked or accidentally opened. Complete safety nut removal is not necessary to open the clamp but the design guarantees that the eyebolt cannot swing open whilst the union is subjected to either clamping forces or internal pressures. Nut rotations are measured from the clamp starting in its optimum clamping position (segments parallel when assembled), to the safety eyebolt being able to swing free. One rotation = 360°. Sizes available from 1" to 4", with wing or hex nut.

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