Millipore NovAseptic® mixing heads

Millipore NovAseptic® GMP gentle mixing, Millipore NovAseptic® USM upstream mixing, Millipore NovAseptic® HS high shear mixin

Robust construction
Millipore NovAseptic mixers are designed for optimum performance and reliability, long life and easy maintenance. The design and development of each component is focused on aseptic processes and is based on more than 20 years of experience. magnetically driven. One of the significant advantages of the magnetic drive is that it allows complete integrity of the vessel. There is no shaft passing through the vessel wall, which could create leaks and compromise the integrity of the tank and its contents.
Tank Bottom Mounted
Magnetically driven mixers also have other advantages unrelated to integrity. Disassembly of a NovAseptic mixer is simple, whereas a top-driven mixer often requires a mechanical lifting device. NovAseptic mixers can stir even when the vessel is nearly empty because the agitator is mounted at the bottom and is almost flush with the bottom of the tank.
Commitment to aseptic design
Every NovAseptic mixer meets the strictest regulations for cleanability and sterilizability. All models can be fully cleaned and sterilized (CIP/SIP) when installed.

The right mixer for every application

  • Millipore NovAseptic® GMP mixer for general mixing
  • Millipore NovAseptic® USM mixer for upstream mixing applications with medium shear
  • Millipore MilliporeNovAseptic® HS mixer for high shear applications
  • Millipore NovAseptic® HSI mixer for inline high shear mixing

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