Our CFD simulation services

Our CFD simulation services

CFD Simulations webinar video for mixer applications and mixing processes

CFD Simulations - Service for general flow

Numerical flow simulation allows insights into systems that are only possible at great expense or only locally within the framework of experiments - if at all. At any point, temperatures, pressures, flow velocities, material concentrations, etc. can be analyzed in detail with the help of CFD. The understanding of the processes gained in this way can help to speed up development processes, reduce costs and make products more reliable. Different variants and aspects can be simulated in the computer, thereby reducing the number of physical prototypes required.

CFD Simulations - Service for mixing processes

The wide range of existing substances, different physical and chemical properties, combined with different tank and agitator design, leads to practically infinite possibilities, situations and mixing results. We solve and interpret these with you.

CFD Simulations - Service for Sterilisation processes

It is extremely important to know the pure steam consumption during the sterilization process. However, in practice, these values can vary many times over compared to the manufacturer's specifications. The consumption depends on many different parameters. With CFD simulations we can perform very good evaluations for different conditions.

Flow, flow calculations and designs

When assemblies or components work together, complex physical dependencies arise. We can work out, calculate and design these for you.

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