Pressure gauge

Pressure gauges – The essential measuring instruments for precise pressure measurements

Measuring is
essential in the industry. Only through accurate measurements can processes be
optimized and safety-relevant processes controlled. An important measuring
instrument is the pressure gauge, which measures the pressure of a liquid or gas
and can thus provide important information about the condition of a plant.

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of our range of pressure gauges and improve your production processes with Aseptconn.

What is a pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge
is a measuring instrument that measures the pressure of a liquid or
gas and is usually expressed in the unit bar or pascal. It consists of a scale
on which the measured pressure can be read, as well as a measuring device that
converts the pressure into a mechanical movement and transfers it to the scale.
There are several types of pressure gauges that differ in their mode of
operation and scope of application.

How does a pressure gauge work?

A pressure gauge
is a measuring instrument that measures the pressure in a system. It consists
of a cavity filled with either a liquid or a gas. When pressure is applied to
the cavity, the volume of the medium changes. This leads to a movement of the pressure
gauge pointer. The deflection of the pointer corresponds to the measured
pressure. The higher the pressure in the system, the more the medium is
compressed and the farther the pointer of the pressure gauge moves.

What are the advantages of
pressure gauges?

We have
summarized the most important advantages of pressure gauges for you:

  • Accuracy: Pressure gauges measure the pressure in a
    system very accurately, which helps to ensure the production of
    high-quality and defect-free end products.
  • Monitoring: By continuously monitoring the pressure in
    a system, a pressure gauge can prevent overloads and thus contribute to a
    longer service life of machines and equipment.
  • Fault detection: A pressure gauge helps detect leaks
    or blocked pipes, which can lead to faster
    troubleshooting, thus reducing downtime.
  • Efficiency: Accuracy and monitoring also contribute to
    the efficiency of production processes by ensuring that systems are
    functioning optimally.
  • Easy to install and operate: Pressure gauges are typically easy
    to install and use, providing a cost-effective solution to measure
    pressure in a system.
  • Versatility: Pressure gauges are available in many
    different sizes and configurations, allowing them to be used for a wide
    range of applications in different industries.

In which industries can
Aseptconn pressure gauges be used?

Pressure gauges
are indispensable measuring instruments in many industries to carry out precise
pressure measurements and thus optimize processes and control safety-relevant
procedures. Pressure gauges are particularly important in the biotech,
chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries, as these industries
place special demands on the production processes and the quality of the end

What pressure gauges does
Aseptconn offer?

In the Aseptconn
range you will find four different pressure gauges:

Pressure gauge with TC 25mm connection below

Pressure gauge with TC 50.5mm connection below

Pressure gauge with TC 25mm rear

Pressure gauge with TC 50.5mm rear

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